Bushell no longer CHA's cup of tea

Roger Bushell, the man who has been steering the ship for distributor CHA through the waters of the acquisition sea, has been relieved of his command as managing director.

According to a CHA spokesperson, he is understood to be "pursuing other interests". The interests that the spokesperson listed includes property and other financial investments, but it appears that it was a sudden decision.

Bushell confirmed he was no longer a part of CHS' Australian operation, and denied that there was any sinister reason behind his departure.

"Essentially, since CHS took our shares over, there have been some differences of opinion in the way we wanted to grow the company and the direction it is going to take over the next couple of years," Bushell told ARN. "It wasn't hostile but there was a difference of opinion."

Steve Sampson, who is CEO of the holding company Sabaramm Holdings, has assumed the mantle of CHA managing director until permanent plans are settled.

Bushell is to continue in a consulting role to the company, and continues to be a shareholder. "I never saw CHA as a long-term career opportunity," he claimed.

Since buying the company in October 1997, Bushell had been involved in five acquisitions and saw it grow to a $200 million operation. "CHA is at the stage that it needs to be run by an accountant," Bushell said.