Hello Archie, Auf Wiedersehn Gerhard

In what would appear to be a perfectly staged management coup, 3Com's managing director, Gerhard Rumpff, today announced his resignation to take up the position of managing director at Baan.

Two weeks ago, former Intel Australia sales manager Archie Wilson was appointed to the position of 3Com country manager, which at the time was seen as a transition to the MD role with Rumpff set to assume regional responsibilities.

Effective today (Wednesday) Wilson assumes the responsibility of managing director, Australia and New Zealand, with Rumpff set to stay on for another eight weeks.

According to a 3Com source, the option of a lot of travelling in the Asia-Pacific region did not compare very favourably to the opportunity for Rumpff to rejoin the software business with Baan.

Wilson told ARN that he was aware of the likelihood of Rumpff leaving when he accepted the 3Com position, so it came as no surprise. "He was courted by Baan, and there will be a planned transition for me into the role," he said.

In Rumpff's 20 months with 3Com, there has been a significant growth in the company's revenue and a restructuring of the local organisation, targeting both the business and consumer sectors.