Com Tech Educational Services sends students to Microsoft Boot Camp

In response to what it sees as an acute IT skills shortage in Australia, Com Tech Educational Services has introduced a 20 day intensive program for students to obtain the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) training qualification.

Lee Stockham, national marketing manager of Com Tech, said the program, called the MCSE Boot Camp, offers an alternative for students to complete the certification in four weeks, as opposed to the three-to-six months it takes to obtain part-time.

"Basically, students get their skills quicker," Stockham said.

She claimed the IT industry is moving so quickly that organisations constantly need personnel with the skills to be able to handle the new technology.

"In the course that has just started in Sydney, the students have all been sent by organisations that need to have these skills quickly," Stockham said.

Com Tech Educational Services officials claim the MCSE is the IT industry's most sought after training qualification.

"The MCSE is regarded as a passport to a good job in the IT industry, and we guarantee to get every candidate through the full Boot Camp course, provided that they have the aptitude and motivation" said Steve Ross, general manager of Com Tech Education Services.

Com Tech also offers a new "boot camp" course in the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) qualification.

Officials claim the MCSE Boot Camp is completely instructor led, involves no self study and is not compressed or accelerated in any way.

The MCSE Boot Camp costs $9900, which is the same price as for the standard part-time course. New courses are scheduled to start again in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide on January 4, Brisbane and Canberra on January 11 and Perth on February 8.

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