Network Charter for the masses

Following the successful launch of its NetworkCharter Pro network design, configuration and management tool in July, Micrografx have delivered a "light" version of the product that concentrates on local area network (LAN) design.

Retailing at $595 (it is $1995 for the full Pro version), NetworkCharter performs most of the functions of its more complex and expensive brethren. However, it only supports discovery of up to 150 devices (as opposed to unlimited) and imports 200 of the most popular vendor-specific products.

An annual subscription to the full NetworkCharter device library of over 9000 vendor products which came with the Pro version is available for $755.

"NetworkCharter is positioned to suit the needs of LAN managers," said Elisabeth Rainge, senior analyst with IDC. "IT leaders want control of their enterprise, but the actual localised information still rests in the hands of the person who maintains the content and intelligence on a local basis," she added.