Teco becomes ADM Distribution

Taiwanese company Teco has withdrawn from its Australian software venture Teco Multimedia, and joint partner Anthony McMahon has assumed control of the distribution company's business, which will now be known as ADM Distribution.

Headquartered in Melbourne with 10 staff, and with offices in Queensland and NSW, ADM is to focus on distributing music, budget games and reference software, McMahon said.

Its reseller outlets range from small specialist music outlets to Harvey Norman.

ADM's music product revenues are split evenly between budget-priced music tutorial software, sequencing packages, and hardware peripherals such as high-end sound cards and piano keyboards.

Currently, ADM is a distributor for most of the major music software publishers, including Voyetra, Turtle Beach, Cakewalk, Midisoft and G-Vox/Passport.

The largest opportunity for ADM's future growth appears to lie with interactive music software for the consumer electronics channel, McMahon said.

ADM Distribution

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