Document management resellers in demand

After recently establishing its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Sydney, European document and knowledge management vendor Insight Technologies is now looking to appoint a number of channel partners to address the new market.

Insight Technologies specialises in information management, a sector that has been described as one of the biggest emerging markets in the industry. According to Sandra Clark, Insight Technologies' Australian managing director, by the year 2000 the information management market space "will be as big as the relational database market.

"We are introducing a very new technology and it takes a while for customers to start adopting it, so we've spent the last eight months just educating the market about it," Alex Paris, Insight's regional sales manager, revealed.

"We offer two core products with a number of components: Document Insight, an imaging, workflow and document management system, and Knowledge Insight, a knowledge management tool that uses a plain language query on a conceptual level."

To propel its products into the commodity arena, Insight is looking for a number of value added resellers (VARs) and developers who are "able to demonstrate and implement high-end solutions".

"We have six partners in place in Australia and we are looking to sign more implementation partners, as well as sales-oriented companies who would actually go out and sell our products as a part of their solutions.

"We believe in the channel model and are very keen to hear from anybody who is interested in working with us," Paris said.

Insight Technologies

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