Anite like no other

In a move that professional services firm Ernst & Young hope will support its increased voice, data and video traffic Australia-wide, 3Com channel partner Anite has been contracted to install an ATM multi-service access switch solution.

Ernst & Young's IS and Communications national director Stephen Arnold felt that the company had outgrown its ISDN network but didn't have to look far to present the $500,000 contract to Anite and bypass a lengthy and complicated tender process.

Anite were in the prime position of having established a prior relationship with Ernst & Young whilst installing the firm's voice compression technology which has been an ongoing process over the last several years.

Compatible technology

Anite claims that its successful application was dependent upon the ability to offer Ernst & Young technology that is compatible with the organisation's existing voice tie line system. 3Com's PathBuilder switches meet this criteria, as well as providing direct access to local area networks making connections simple.

Additionally, the ATM network has to have the potential to support a significant increase in voice, video and data traffic between branches, in some cases up to 3400 per cent. This includes the utilisation of PictureTel that Ernst & Young is increasingly coming to rely upon for its videoconferencing needs.

Anite is aiming to complete the ATM installation by December this year with the assistance of Ernest and Young's own networking specialists.