iPass simplifies hotspot connection

Virtual network operator, iPass, has launched a new product it claims will simplify the process of connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots. iPassConnect version 3.0 searches for connectivity on its virtual network of 119 hotspots across Australia and 1500 worldwide.

When a hotspot is available, iPassConnect presents the user with a login by auto-configuring the Wi-Fi card and removing the need for changes to the system setting. If no access is available, the location-based interface displays available broadband, modem or ISDN connections.

“This should greatly improve the ease with which connections over public Wi-Fi hotspots and on-campus WLANs as well as home broadband and Wi-Fi networks can be brought under the control of an IT department,” iPass marketing vice-president, Jon Russo, said.

The vendor highlighted security as the major focus of iPassConnect 3.0, claiming the client would tear down a connection if any personal firewall, antivirus or VPN software was not operational on the machine trying to connect.

It also adds encryption to username and password data used on the network.

iPassConnect 3.0 is sold through Iris, Connect Internet Solutions, NetStar, Rosser Communications, Kanbay, iPrimus, NTT Australia IP, Optus and Pacific Internet. Versions are available for Windows, Mac, Pocket PC and Palm operating systems.