IBM Global wins lucrative Ansett deal

IBM Global Services has taken advantage of a long and prosperous relationship with Ansett to beat out the competition for a nine year, multimillion dollar contract that comprehensively covers almost all aspects of Ansett's IT requirements, including installation, maintenance and management.

Ansett did not take the decision to upgrade the level of its end-user services lightly. The conclusion was reached only after a comprehensive study exposed the need to outsource the responsibility of IT support, according to Ansett Australia's general manager, IT infrastructure and operations, Hal Pringle.

Pringle claims that this will result in a "more consistent delivery of applications and support services".

Once the need for an upgrade was established the tender process began, with IBM Global at a distinct advantage due to its existing relationship with Ansett as the provider of their Data Centre Services, stated John Bligh, general manager, travel and transportation services, IBM Global Services, Asia-Pacific.

Bligh added that the team that IBM Global put together for the tender contained a good combination of skills and services involving Sentex and Memorex. "Ansett are looking to introduce a minimal number of suppliers so that they can focus on their own business. There is a big shift in the market to outsourcing and IBM Global can provide the management for this system, but we need to bring in partners to provide a total solution."

Bligh suggests that this is an excellent opportunity for resellers to sign long-term contracts and assist in what has the potential to be a very lucrative contract. "Ansett is in the middle of restructuring and will be making major changes in applications, solutions and how they deal with customers."

He also added that IBM Global's capacity to reduce the complexity of Ansett's desktop support was a significant factor in its selection, an asset that Bligh maintains can only be gained through experience.

As the single external provider for Ansett, IBM Global manages and maintains approximately 9000 desktops, installs, administers and repairs the LAN server, provides network support and has established help desk facilities.