Inprise calls for papers on Enterprise JavaBeans

Developer of Borland and Visigenic tools and a contender for the top position in the enterprise application market, Inprise Australia has called a high-level symposium for 75 selected specialists in the Enterprise JavaBeans development.

The conference, designed to give EJB technical gurus the opportunity to meet and share ideas with the world leaders in enterprise computing, such as Oracle, Sun and IBM, will be held in California on February 11 and 12, and Inprise is giving two local experts the opportunity to attend.

"The Australian IT market went from being a leader in client/server arena to the position where it is struggling a little bit to keep up in the middleware space. So we want to help it forward a bit by taking two of the best EJB brands in Australia over to the US," explained Inprise Australia's marketing manager Graham Porter.

Stressing that they do not have to be Inprise customers, Porter said that interested parties should submit a paper "outlining their experience in designing, implementing and deploying EJBs" via the Web or by e-mailing it to by February 8.

All papers will go to Inprise's Enterprise JavaBeans expert in the United States who will determine if submitted material can add value to the conference.

"The kind of people that we are looking for are technical gurus and IT company principals from organisations such as systems integrators who have a very good vested interest, firstly, in understanding EJBs and, secondly, in adding value to this very important forum," Porter said.

Courtesy of Inprise, selected local experts will have the opportunity to travel to the United States to take part in the conference and participate in the workshop covering several topics on designing EJBs. or (02) 9248 0911