BMC attract a flurry of partners

BMC Software has announced a rush of developer partners to help them successfully break into the hot e-commerce and Internet markets with a range of new products and initiatives.

In parallel with the launch of its recently released ASA solutions for e-commerce, BMC has strengthened its Patrol Developer Network (PDN) which, according to national marketing manager Simon Price, will add value to its products, range and distribution channels.

Reciprocating the favour, BMC assists companies whose size and scope restrict them from entering into serious and widespread markets to achieve more ambitious goals. Through PDN, BMC offers support in the development process and markets products on behalf of PDN members in the international arena.

An alliance with BMC to release a new performance monitoring module for Teradata data warehouse systems has allowed a small Australian company, Sento, to glean a million-dollar profit from the global market.

Partners are selected for their particular specialities, giving BMC the ability to be involved in numerous modules of the market without over complicating their own business practices and focus, explains Price.

Selecting the growth area of the market is the responsibility of potential partners and BMC clients. "We get our direct sales representatives to talk to customers who have ideas on what needs to be developed," states Price.

In this instance PDN partners have contributed to the development of the ASA range with the addition of the PATROL KM series of products, including secured servers, firewalls, an enterprise security manager and Cisco Routers, from companies such as Invengen, AXENT Technologies and Proxima Technology.