OzSearch to surpass Yahoo! with new Web directory

OzSearch Internet Guide is determined to position itself alongside international market dominator Yahoo! with the launch of an all-Australian search service composed of thousands of site listings and categories.

Already boasting over a thousand search queries a day, OzSearch president Kris Duggan is aiming to capitalise on this initial interest and surpass Yahoo!'s 25,000 Australian site listings in only a few months.

This will be further facilitated by an aggressive marketing campaign planned for March this year that will expound the benefits of an Australian-focused search engine that will not be encumbered by an impossible number of returns on a search query. The purely Australian content of the Web directory not only narrows the scope of the enquiry to manageable proportions but it is also, according to Duggan, more relevant to the Australian user.

OzSearch plans to further strengthen its competitiveness by cementing "partnerships and strategic alliances with other industry leaders in this (Internet search services) space", asserted Duggan.