ATC Supplies and Compact merge

ATC Supplies and Compact Computer Supplies have merged under the banner of ATC Compact, hoping to provide the corporate and government market with high-end storage media solutions, PCs and peripherals.

Both companies were purchased by the Blue Star Group in 1997 and the alignment is intended to create an organisation that can provide more diverse services and product on a national level, minus the duplication that had previously occurred.

Peripheral range

One of the most significant benefits of the merger according to Marie Wajcman, business development manager of ATC Compact, is the extension of ATC's peripheral range and the introduction of PCs onto the product list. "Compact has always looked after PCs and peripherals, selling and maintaining them. This addition gives ATC Compact increased flexibility in the market," claims Wajcman.

The delivery service of the new company will also be expanded and ATC Compact will utilise its own couriers in a move that Wajcman believes will dramatically increase the scope of its influence.

Although the two companies have traditionally focused on the high end of the market, Wajcman envisages that the new initiative will facilitate a move into the SOHO arena and allow a broader customer base to be established.