Digital video means added PC sales

The growth of interest in digital video applications is creating opportunities for retailers and value-added resellers.

According to Lako Vision marketing manager, Richard Higgs, a lot of VARs are moving into the digital imaging and video market, and taking advantage of the business opportunity created by products like the Miro editing system from Pinnacle Systems.

Australian distributor Lako Vision recently announced the release of the MiroVideo DC50, a Windows NT/98 compatible, non-linear solution for the digital video editing market.

The DC50 is said to capture video at up to 7MBps for broadcast quality, and includes Adobe Premiere 4.2 for professional video editing.

Higgs said the sub-$5000 retail price for the DC50 puts professional quality video production within the range of more organisations, and, because it requires a higher specification system, can be a more profitable sale. "Video is the most intensive application area on PCs, and with a preference for big capacity SCSI drives and higher quality monitors, resellers with knowledge and experience of this market can grab the opportunity," he added.

Higgs believes the potential for such digital video systems is being pushed along by the increase in videoconferencing, Internet published video files and other streaming video applications using the power of Pentium II based systems. RRP for the DC50 is $4410.

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