Modem standard to open the order books

The ratification of the V.90 ITU standard might seem to be a yawn, but for alert resellers, it could be the signal for a modem led boon to sales. So says Sirius Technologies business strategy manager, Cam Wayland.

Commenting on the much anticipated approval of the standard, Wayland said: "The ratification is a turning point for the modem industry. Although consumers quickly embraced V.90 modems based on the February draft standard, corporates and ISPs, which are particularly standards-driven, have mostly held off until V.90 was finally approved."

"This should result in significant growth in the corporate and government sectors, where 33.6Kbps modems are still heavily used. Furthermore, as only a handful of ISPs currently offer V.90 services, the ITU's ratification should lead to rapid ISP adoption of V.90," he added.

According to Wayland, the average modem speed amongst Australians is 28.8Kbps, with a huge installed base of around 1.5 million non-56Kbps modems, and many users have delayed upgrading until V.90 ratification.

He said that corporate customers especially will be more likely to upgrade now, with fewer doubts over interoperability and reliability making them confident to engage in a rollout of the faster products.