PeopleSoft to evaluate Oz channel strategy

PeopleSoft's Australian operation is evaluating the possibility of jumping into the local channel after the company's US operations announced a mid-market reseller push this week.

The company plans to expand its sales efforts to the mid-market - companies with revenues less than $US250 million - by signing exclusive reseller agreements with systems integrators in 23 markets across the United States.

"At this point in time it is a US program," a local PeopleSoft spokesperson told ARN.

PeopleSoft is "evaluating" its US operations, however the spokesperson offered no suggestion of a timeframe for local implementation.

Jeffrey Read, director of marketing for PeopleSoft's Select Business Division, said as US resellers sign deals during the next few months, potential customers in those markets will benefit through visiting the company's regional implementation centres, and gaining greater access to consulting services, implementation tools, and training.

"This gives us an increased level of focus on the [US] market," Read said. "A customer in St. Louis typically doesn't want to fly to Chicago for training and tools."

With the reseller agreements, those customers won't have to make the trip, he said.

PeopleSoft first announced the Select Business Division, its move into the mid-market, one year ago. Wednesday's announcement in the US further expands that offering.

While PeopleSoft's original Select Business Division offered implementation centres in four major metropolitan areas - New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco - the extended offering will bring such centres, through resellers, to 23 other metropolitan locations.

In addition, customers will get the benefit of only dealing with one company, the exclusive reseller, for all its needs and problems, Read said.