Korean giants to arrange swap meet

Two of Australia's IT channel supporters are expected to be doing some fast shuffling, after a deal presided over by Korean President Kim Dae-jung this week. The deal will see manufacturing giants Samsung and Daewoo rationalise divisions in a swap.

The arrangement will see Samsung take over Daewoo's electronics division in return for handing over its automotive division.

Joseph Rau, marketing manager of Samsung Electronics Australia IT&T division told ARN that, while it was to early to say, he expected that the Daewoo monitor business would be absorbed into Samsung. This would perhaps add another brand to the range that already includes Syncmaster, Samtron and Hansol.

But according to Garry Lougher, national sales manager of computer products for Daewoo Electronics Australia (DEA), this will merely be an adjustment to the local business structure. Daewoo has established a substantial channel of distribution initially for its monitors, and is in the process of rolling out other IT products including desktops and notebooks.

Besides the electronics division, DEA also represents Daewoo Telecoms, which manufactures PCs, Notebooks and components, including mainboards, cards and other monitors.

Lougher said: "There is still full commitment from the Daewoo factory behind the computer systems in Australia, and by establishing its own presence, this will demonstrate that it is serious."