Channel to raise business intelligence profile

Hoping to generate a larger customer base and seed the adoption of business intelligence software, Seagate Software has announced it will give millions of copies of its business intelligence software to customers for free.

The products include Seagate Analysis, a stand-alone desktop application, and a 50-user licence of Seagate Info7 designed to enable customers to access, analyse, report and share corporate information. But despite the emphasis on free software, Kathryn Hartman, Seagate Software's marketing manager, envisages that the channel is likely to reap the benefits.

"We see multiple opportunities for the channel," Hartman claimed. "We're going to blanket the market with the products and give everyone a chance to use them."

Hartman said the "seeding program" will see organisations trialling the products and then look to upgrade the reporting tool to Crystal Reports and expanding the 50-seat licence throughout the enterprise, with resellers picking up the business.

Looking to give away approximately 48,000 copies in Australia, Hartman said that the generation of customer demand would also present a number of opportunities for resellers in terms of training and implementation consulting.

The limited time offer also has received the endorsement of Seagate's distributors Agate and Aeronaut.

"This is a bold initiative that will be excellent for the channel," said Mark Ransom, Seagate Software product manager for Agate Technology.

"It will give more exposure for business intelligence in general, and Seagate Software's range of Business Intelligence products in particular, to the market. There will be a lot of gains out of this initiative in the long term."

The Seagate Analysis and Seagate Info7 products also include technical support, manuals and computer-based training modules and can be obtained on CD or via the Web at or by calling 1800 000 707.