Data#3 takes tech support out of bank's hands

Brisbane-based integrator Data#3 recently picked up a three-year, $500,000 technical support outsourcing contract with the Bank of Queensland which, according to the bank's IT staff, could generate a 20 to 25 per cent increase in equipment availability.

Aside from its technical support duties, which will include desktop, network and phone system management, Data#3 will re-employ staff from the bank's technical services division.

According to Dick Maes, the bank's general manger for IT and bank operations, the decision to outsource was based primarily on the bank's willingness to stick to its core competency of customer service and let IT add value to the organisation.

"That's the biggest and only reason for doing it. It certainly wasn't cost," he said.

Data#3 beat out competitive bids from the likes of IBM, Digital and CITEC thanks largely to the integrator's prior involvement with the bank for projects including network services and SAP implementations.