Canon appoints national distributor

In what is described as an ongoing assessment of its channel strategy, Canon Computer Systems and Computer Products Operations (CSCPO) has appointed Todaytech as its first national distributor for its complete range of printers, scanners, digital cameras and consumables.

According to Paul Calderara, the NSW-based state manager, systems, the appointment follows significant growth in Canon's sales volumes, especially in its scanners. Previously, the distributors were appointed on a state basis.

"We have been dealing with the Todaytech group as an authorised wholesaler in each state for the last 18 months, and this takes them to the top peg," said Calderara.

Todaytech is gaining mass as a distributor, with Canon being added to the likes of Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and, most recently, Intel on its appointed distributor list.

Todaytech's group manager for sales and marketing, Gil Avenaim, said: "We are very proud to be appointed as Canon's first national distributor. We have had a very close association with Canon over the years, and we see this as a logical extension of our long-term business relationship. We have a clear vision of where we want to be in the next five years, and our focus is high technology, high quality, and high value. Canon offers all of that and as a result we expect resellers from all over the country to benefit from this."

Calderara added that Todaytech's national reach was important to Canon, particularly in growing regional areas like Townsville.


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