SunService in a box

SunService, a division of Sun Microsystems Australia, has announced a change in the way its resellers can promote support.

It's called the SunSpectrum Pac, or a service contract in a shrink-wrapped environment. The package includes the latest version of the SunSolve CD, SunPatches, a user guide and a SunSpectrum Silver agreement.

According to David Kerr, managing director of SunService Australia and New Zealand, "by commoditising service, it makes it easier for resellers to earn commission".

The 10 per cent commission is paid when the end user receives the SunSpectrum Pac directly from SunService.

Kerr said that previously, there was a lot of back and forth between the customer and company to arrange a service agreement, and the new SunSpectrum Pac simplifies everything. The cost is based on the line rather than the specifications of the system.

For example, for an Ultra 2 system configured either as a desktop or server, the cost of the Sun Spectrum Pac is $1800 per year. Memory or disk space is not an issue. An Ultra 1 is supported for $800 per year. Discounts will be applied for commitments to more than one year.

Kerr agreed that in general, Unix-based products are not the most attractive technology to sell or promote to resellers, and the new support offering enhances the packaging of the system. He added: "we would like it to be an integral part of the sale, not mandatory, but promoted as a natural extension to a new system."

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