Video trainers make easy sales

Here's something for retailers with space for a silent sales generator (ideal for catching the impulse dollar).

Software Suppliers (SS) has released the "Teach Yourself" range of computer video titles. The range is produced under licence from IT training specialist ViaGrafix, which SS has been representing for 10 years.

As well as titles on most of the popular Microsoft applications including Office, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook 97, there are titles for Windows (including 95 and 98) as well as Windows 95 for Kids, Internet for Kids and Internet Security (for parents). Each video in the range carries an RRP of $29.95 (kids' titles $24.95) with a typical margin of 30 per cent. There is also a bundle of the five Office videos with a combined Windows 95/98 title at $129 RRP.

The range is available in two merchandising displays, a counter/shelf unit that holds 12 pieces and another free standing unit that holds 32 pieces with eight facings. Both of these displays will be supplied free to stores.

SS managing director Bruce Lamb told ARN that it is clear many people are not confident with their computers, and video training adds the familiarity that builds confidence. He added that interactive multimedia training may not appeal to inexperienced users who are still trying to get the basics from Windows.

"We've been very pleased with the take up of our Teach Yourself range. Its sub-$30 price makes it a far easier sale than most other training offerings such as CD-ROM. It's easy to run a video, and it's practical, down-to-earth training for the person in the street," Lamb said.

Although computer video training is not new, Software Suppliers is the first distributor to offer resellers such a range at this price point, according to Lamb.

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