PowerLAN partners with Olicom

PowerLAN has topped off the news that it has merged with International Networking Solutions (INS) by announcing that Olicom has certified it as their first ClearPartner.

PowerLAN/INS were official launch partners in Melbourne last week for the release of a new range of products, which Olicom claims are the next step in helping Token Ring users move to higher speed networks.

Garry Ganis, chief operating officer of PowerLAN and formerly managing director of INS, said that Olicom approached INS.

"They're a fairly young company in the Australian market and they really needed someone like us who could provide the professional services and training," he said.

"They needed a consulting house, not just a NIC mover and that's the space where we fit."

Olicom touted its new products as the latest step in a strategy designed to help Token Ring customers move forward to higher speed technologies, whether that be High Speed Token Ring, ATM, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet.

"We're not going to push any technology down anyone's throat," said Claus Hanson, Olicom's country manager for Australia and New Zealand.

The Olicom products include the CrossFire 8730 Fast Ethernet Translation Switch, CrossFire 8720, CrossFire 8810 backbone switch and the CrossFire 8710 and 8711 for the access layer.

The CrossFire 8730 is designed to connect Token Ring workgroups to Fast Ethernet using four Fast Ethernet switch ports and 20 Token Ring ports. The 8720 offers quality of service features, Layer 3 and Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing.

Gradual decline

While Hanson expects the majority of customers to migrate away from Token Ring in the coming years, not every vendor has abandoned the market.

According to Madge sales director Ian Lisle, it has learnt from its mistake when it tried to forge into Ethernet and ATM and will stay committed and focused on Token Ring. "Some customers will of course migrate away from Token Ring, but it's going to be a very gradual decline," he said.