When installing the Netscape Directory Server 3.1, you specify a TCP/IP port where the server listens for connections. If you later use the administration server to change this port, or edit slapd.conf manually, you may find errors. Netscape said if you try to add entries from an LDIF file or monitor the server, you will get errors. To fix this, edit these files to show the new port number: NSHOME/slapdserverId/ldif2ldap; NSHOME/slapdserverId/monitor.


Novell has found an incompatibility between its ManageWise Inoculan program and Dell GXi and GXa workstations with Windows 95 OSR2. After Inoculan is installed, and prompts for a reboot, you will see this message: "while initialising device ios: window protection error . . . you need to restart your computer." Novell said to fix this, download and install iosfix.exe from