Comedians Merrick & Rosso to appear in video game

Comic duo Merrick & Rosso will go digital to battle a secret agent as part of a video game due out later this year.

The comedians appear as evil submarine mechanics in XIII (‘Thirteen'), a 1960s comic-based first-person shooter from Ubi Soft Entertainment.

In the game, secret agent XIII is an amnesiac and players must find clues to his identity while battling enemies such as Merrick & Rosso and the FBI, who accuse XIII of plotting to assassinate the US President.

The game and its graphics are based on the Belgian comic-strip of the same name.

Although not playable in single player mode, the comedians will be playable in the game's online and offline multiplayer modes. XIII is designed for all game formats.

The inclusion of Merrick Watts and Tim Ross -- aka Merrick & Rosso -- arose through the game's design being based on real people, said Ubi Soft Entertainment Australia spokesperson Owen Hughes.

"This was not a monetary deal. Part of the game's development was that all territories from around the world had the opportunity to include locals. Some ran competitions, etc.

"We asked [Merrick & Rosso]. Merrick's a keen gamer, and he fits the [target] demographic. So we got their photos and sent them to France where they were mapped on 3D models," he said.

The duo will not be identifiable to foreign gamers, he said.

Neither Merrick or Rosso speak in the game, but the character of XIII is voiced by The X-Files' David Duchovny. Batman's Adam West also lends his voice to a character.

The game will be released on most formats in late October; the Gamecube version will be out in December.