Dataflow's new online services go live

After several months of development and trials, Dataflow Computer Services launched its upgraded reseller services with full e-commerce functionality. Going live at 10.00pm last Thursday, the site processed its first order 70 minutes later, the software and hardware distributor said.

As well as displaying the entire product range, the site also facilitates rapid access to full pricing, stock availability, order status and account information. Two innovative features of the new services include its On-Line Quoting and On-Line Licensing facilities which allow resellers to use the site to quote and sell licences for a large number of software vendors.

Jeffrey Tobias, Dataflow's executive chairman, said: "Our online licensing mechanism is an Australian first. The aim is to streamline a process that has traditionally been seen as complex and paper intensive.

"Resellers can now obtain information online about a myriad of licensing programs, prepare quotes online for their customers and turn those quotes into online orders."