Kiwi integrator creams local partners

New Zealand-based software and consulting organisation The Integrators completely outclassed its Australian counterparts earlier this month when it picked up SalesLogix's top Asia/Pacific Business Partner for 1998 award.

According to SalesLogix officials, The Integrators, which specialises in customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA), managed to sell as many SalesLogix licences as all of the vendor's Australian business partners combined.

But despite the poor performance by its counterparts across the ditch, The Integrators' managing director, Paul Roussell, believes there is still plenty of reason to remain optimistic about the growth of CRM and SFA.

However, as a safety net, the organisation has already broadened its reach into international markets. Roussell said his organisation can support SalesLogix rollouts throughout the US, Asia and Europe via an international help desk.

"We believe this investment in satisfied customers will allow us to continue the strong growth in our local market share," Roussell explained.

The Integrators has already secured deals with a range of large New Zealand organisations including AMP Asset Management NZ, Tranz Rail NZ, New Zealand Wool Group and National Bank of NZ.