Quiet achiever secures supermarket chain

Australia's outsourcing quiet achiever Kaz Computer Services has secured a $4 million outsourcing deal with Australia's third largest supermarket chain, Franklins, to manage the retailer's data centres nationwide.

Winning the contract through tender, Peter Kazacos, managing director of Kaz Computer Services, claims that while the outsourcing company isn't as recognised as the EDSs of the world, it is a significant player which is "winning a good share of the business that's out there", he said.

With outsourcing not viewed as a favourable option for some companies, a low-key marketing strategy is "part of our image", Kazacos said. "That's part of the reason why some companies approach us."

The five-year facility management agreement will see Kaz house Franklins' recent transition from a predominantly NCR environment to Hewlett-Packard hardware and the consolidation of the supermarket chain's previous platforms to Unix.

Managing the day-to-day operations, the relocation of Franklins' data centres has already occurred in Queensland and Victoria and is currently under way in South Australia and New South Wales, Kazacos added.

With current customers including Rover Australia and AMP, Kazacos said: "What's significant for us is it's a very large Unix outsourcing deal."

Kazacos added that there are a number of large outsourcing deals in the pipeline for the midrange outsourcer with announcements to follow.