Free software makes Seagate a breeze

A little over a month since Seagate launched its free business intelligence (BI) software initiative (ARN daily, June 16), Australian resellers are reporting strong sales.

The initiative involved the vendor giving away Seagate Analysis and a 50-user licence of Seagate Info 7 via a CD or Web download.

The seeding initiative has paid dividends, according to Avalon Software, which landed three lucrative contracts as a direct result of the deal, claims Avalon managing director Richard Gunn.

"With the help of Seagate Software's BI initiative, we've been able to tap into new markets and as a result have major contracting deals and a number of other leads from companies seeking improved reporting and analysis capabilities," Gunn said.

Seagate estimates 500,000 additional licences of Seagate Software have reached the global market from more than 15,000 online downloads and in excess of 48,000 CDs distributed in Australia.

Designed to accelerate the uptake of BI software into the corporate mainstream, local Aeronaut Industries distributor, Intrepid Distribution has already started to see benefits following the giveaway.

Ken Chester, Intrepid Distribution's sales manager, claims the "significant" initiative will continue to present opportunities for the company's consulting and reseller partners.