CSC sells off health products business

CSC has sold off its Australian health products business to iSOft, a new local entity led by a group of former CSC employees and the UK-based iSOFT.

Graeme Wilson, one of 80 former CSC employees to join the new organisation and now managing director of iSOFT, said: "The acquisition of the unit allows the creation of a new organisation that will be completely focused on the needs of the health industry, particularly the hospital sector.

"Our joint venture partner iSOFT provides state-of-the-art health applications based entirely on Microsoft technologies. We will be able to offer our customers an upgrade path to an application suite that fits within a modern information systems strategy," he said.iSOFT has acquired the Patient Management products HOMER, HIMAS, TOPAS and Reality X and associated customer contracts.

George Bell, CEO of CSC in Australia, described the sale as a win-win situation for health products customers and CSC employees who have made the transfer.

"This sale ensures CSC's product customers will be well supported and have access to best-of-breed health applications and technologies."