Aussie channel to take on The Valley

The opening of a new office in Silicon Valley by Internet and electronic commerce development company Camtech may provide opportunities for Australian resellers.

Camtech's chief executive officer, Bruce Linn, said it would certainly be interested in talking to any Australian resellers who had ambitions or operations in the US. `We will be very happy to use those relationships,' Linn said.

The new office, officially opened on November 1, will market Camtech's electronic payments gateway for conducting Internet credit card payments. Linn said its launching platform involved finding a number of partners. `We have something like 70-80 reseller partners in Australia and that's been a very effective way to get to market.' He said Camtech essentially developed back-end technology for carrying out Internet payments and needed systems integrators and Web developers to integrate its technology into the merchant's Web sites.

Camtech's new office in the US is its first foray into a mature international market, although it does already have an office in Malaysia. Linn said the Australian market was quite mature in respect to Internet and electronic commerce uptake, but it was a very small market compared to the US. Because of the size of the US market, Camtech is expecting to generate enough growth to double its size in the next 18 months. Linn said this growth will mostly be generated through the efforts of its channel partners.

Camtech is owned by the University of Adelaide. Linn said the company's longer term target is Asia-Pacific. He said that the market was relatively immature there at this point in time. `Over the next two or three years it will mature rapidly and we'll be positioned to take advantage of that.'