CommSecure to protect OzEmail's gateway

Internet payment gateway operator CommSecure scored OzEmail as a client last week in an agreement that catapults it into the big league.

OzEmail's large corporate customer base instantly gives CommSecure significant negotiating power with the banks due to the number of transactions it generates over the Internet.

The company will set up dual gateways and access to multiple banks so as to maximise the service's reliability and to ensure there is 24 x 7 availability for OzEmail's customers and others using the gateway.

Roy Loyzaga, managing director of CommSecure, said the go-to-market strategy includes resellers. He said the on-sale of payment gateway services, integration with back-end systems and a cut of future transactions on customer sites are all potential revenue streams for the channel.

`We don't have the leg power to cover the whole country with sales and support, so we are appointing resellers and distributors,' Loyzaga said. `We are actively looking at acquiring partners.'

CommSecure is 40 per cent owned by listed gold mining operation Welcome Stranger Mining Company (WSMC), which means that it has a public company vehicle to attract investment, a strong position in the Internet services game.

`There are multiple opportunities for resellers,' Loyzaga said. `As a reseller you get a percentage of the transactional revenue and that is ongoing.

`There are also avenues in the sales process where we provide ancillary products but beyond that there is also the integration side of it. The whole point of this technology is to get it deeply buried into a company because that is the best way of using it.'

CommSecure, which has just appointed NetFocus as a distributor, while expecting some of its resellers to just on-sell the services, said there will be other solutions providers who will be able to build complete solutions around the technology.

`What we are selling is not just an online payment system,' Loyzaga added. `We have genuinely built a secure and reliable messaging system upon which we layer financial transactions because they are in demand at the moment.

`You can use it to reliably and securely deliver any type of confidential data between two organisations,' he said.

The CommSecure gateway is an evolution of work that took place at Sydney University. According to Loyzaga, who is also the company's founder, the technology is already being used by Sydney City Council and Westpac.

In addition to the mining company's 40 per cent stake, 5 per cent is held by News Limited subsidiary Broadsystem Australia. A recent press statement from CommSecure said WSMC shareholders will soon meet to consider the acquisition of a further 55 per cent.