Keane dumps Xylan for Internet startup

Energetic local Xylan boss David Keane revealed yesterday he is leaving the networking game to join an Australian Internet startup.

Keane has accepted the post as chief operating officer for worldwide operations at as of December 1, which sees him responsible for areas such as sales and marketing, human resources and finance.

Keane said had a great management team and good venture capital support. " has the potential to be something absolutely unique on a world scale and that's something which is really exciting," Keane said.

Keane is used to working in startup mode. "I've been doing startups all my life really," he said. "You can really just shape the world to your vision, shape it to the way you want it to be."

He decided to take on the role at because he believed it was a unique opportunity. "It's something I really believe in and that makes a big difference." is an online interactive TV network for generation Y (14 to 25 year olds), which is planning its official launch in December. The company's strategy is to offer 10 linked television channels on the Web, allowing people to easily move between and be a part of those channels.

Keane has spent the past four years as managing director, Australia/New Zealand, for hardware vendor Xylan.