Eyeguard spurns porn

Security solutions provider Eye-t Technology has unveiled the latest weapon in the war against unwanted computer pornography, with the launch of a new tool that recognises offensive material through criteria like skin tone.

The company claims the product, eyeguard, is unlike conventional Web filters because it protects against site content from all Web sites, eliminating the need for quickly out-of-date lists of keywords or known porn sites.

`The existing filters don't work,' David Dodunski, sales director for Eye-t Technology in Australia, said. `All of the other existing filters work on a list of offensive words of URLs. The list goes out of date. By the time a site is found, rated and added to the list, the URL is changed or there are five new sites, so you're always behind the eight ball. We decided to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach.'

The program can be tailored to suit individual needs - for example, a user can set eyeguard to allow a picture of a bikini-clad woman, and block the image should the woman's bikini top or bottom be removed.

Dodunski said the company took two years to develop eyeguard, using C and Visual Basic as the primary development tools.

Eye-t Technology, a PC solutions provider founded in the UK five years ago, is looking for channel partners to distribute and sell eyeguard in Australia.

Dodunski said potential customers included schools, home users with children, and businesses concerned with staff productivity and sexual harassment.

`We've already sold the product to St Aloysius school in Sydney, and a company called Telecheck,' Dodunski said.

`We're working with ITect, a product broker experienced in taking products to retail and we're looking for a sales force of distributors and resellers, but we'll take the time to choose our partners carefully.

`Ideally, we'll build the company size so we're purely a support-based company and use channel partners to do the selling.'

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