Software AG CEO lauds XML, bags ERP

Businesses banking on existing ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for their Web-commerce efforts better think again, according to Erwin Konigs, chairman and CEO of German business software vendor Software AG.

Companies aspiring to build a Web infrastructure that will allow them to succeed in the new `e-economy' should make sure that they use the latest technologies, such as the XML (extensible markup language) formatting language, and leave the old ERP offerings behind, Konigs said.

The ERP software from market leaders such as SAP AG is `monolithic and inflexible', and should be left in the back office where it belongs, he added.

Newer browser-based software offerings, used by companies such as the successful online book retailer, to date have not been robust and secure enough to handle transactions in a business-to-business, e-commerce environment, he said.

Products such as Software AG's forthcoming database with native XML support, however, will offer businesses more flexible data processing suitable for an e-business environment, said Konigs.

Software AG next month will ship the long-expected Tamino, billed as the industry's first XML-enabled database, he said.

`XML will be the standard language of choice, the SQL of the Web generation,' said Konigs.