Oracle shoots for half its revenues online

Despite generating only 10 per cent of its revenues from online transactions, Oracle officials are confident the company has embraced the e-business world.

Rene Bonvanie, Oracle's senior director, Internet platform marketing, said e-business for Oracle includes a Web-store and additional services including support, education and training. "Everything we do is on the Web. It's not just the store . . . so we very much walk the walk," he said.

Bonvanie said Oracle's revenues generated through the Web will reach 50 per cent of the company's total revenues by the end of the fiscal year. In his keynote address to around 1200 Oracle customers and partners at today's Oracle Open World '99, Bonvanie urged companies to adopt e-business strategies or risk being "out-of-business".

"Every business is at risk of being . . . you need to be prepared to go into e-business," he said. "Either you do this or you're gone."

Meanwhile, local officials revealed Digital TV discussions between Oracle and Telstra "have progressed". Stuart McLean, general manager for e-business, Oracle Australia and New Zealand, said Oracle is "keen to pursue" the issue with Telstra.

According to McLean, Ziggy Switkowski and other members of the Telstra board are believed to have met with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on Monday to continue discussions.

McLean said Oracle is talking with Telstra on a broad range of issues, one of which includes E-TV.