Boltons set to revive Daisytek Qld

The Bolton family has hung the General Stationery Supplies shingle back up almost two years to the day after selling its business to Daisytek Queensland.

The buyback of the Brisbane operation, brokered by Daisytek liquidators PriceWaterhouseCoopers, was for an undisclosed sum.

John Bolton was wasting no time picking up the pieces in the wake of the liquidation of Daisytek Queensland. He returned to the helm to help son Marcus run the business.

He said his intial focus was to re-establish supply lines and win back customers.

General Stationery purchased all of Daisytek Australia’s remaining stationery stock, taking delivery of the NSW stock last week.

Bolton said that the business had the necessary funds to reinvest in stocking up its warehouse.

The company didn’t anticipate difficulty re-establishing its relationships with suppliers.

Bolton said some had even waived the need for paperwork.

“We had an impeccable record — most of them have welcomed us with open arms,” he said.

Bolton said the winding down of Daisytek Queensland’s business had seen the operation lose sales.

“Our customers, like any retailers, have to get stock,” he said. “What had to and did happen was they went elsewhere. Our ambition is to restock the shelves and get them back.”

General Stationery was returning to its stationery focus.

“Basically we’ll be wholesale stationers,” Bolton said. “It’s sometimes convenient for some of our customers to buy IT consumables, and if we can do that at the right price, we will.”

Most of the staff were retained, Bolton said.

“We’ve got two less staff than when Daisytek finished,” he said.

Bolton said he would stay on at General Stationery until his son, Jason, returned from travelling overseas.