Teeny- boppers take to Internet

Teeny- boppers take to Internet

Sources close to the promoters bill it as "the biggest entertainment event of the new millennium," but if you haven't been home (and sufficiently bored to be channel flicking) on Sunday evenings you may have missed it entirely. If so, be warned, anyone within a five mile radius of girls aged three to 13 is about to be bombarded with Bardot.

Belinda, Sophie, Sally, Katie and Tiffany, whose lives will be "forever changed" by their foray into pop stardom, have been created and polished to the fairy floss shimmer we are used to with their English counterparts (you know who I mean) and let loose upon the Internet.

Hey presto, they even have a number one hit with their ditty Poison (apologies to Alice Cooper) and range of skimpy fashion creatively titled "Bardot Fashion Range".

The five-girl group have finished off a gruelling round of shopping centre appearances with a live concert in Sydney, and just to prove that they are hip-hop and cyber-spunky, the concert was broadcast live over the Internet site take40.

The Internet, after all, is a fantastic resource, perfectly suited to the dissemination of important information, the facilitation of e-commerce and oh, the shameless gimmicky promotion of cut-and-paste

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