Attachmate's Webware takes off

Attachmate's Webware takes off

Software developer Attachmate has launched itself into the aviation industry with the release of e-Vantage for software company BEA Tuxedo, at a recent airline industry conference.

The most recent version of the interface relies on SDK objects serving as object-oriented conduits and Tuxedo providing the transaction server. When an application requires host information, it sends a request through the BEA server, which establishes a host connection using an Attachmate SDK object. The data is then returned to the client application through the EJB or the Tuxedo Service.

Attachmate reports that e-Vantage for BEA Tuxedo has been developed to further "Webify" airline legacy applications with middleware that allows for real-time access and manipulation of information housed on vast mainframe systems.

Unisys' products sales manager, Paul Butler, described the process: "The airlines approach us with their requirements, and we come back with an appropriate product set. This solution provides airlines with a single development environment under the BEA framework. Attachmate, BEA and Unisys have identified mutual development needs to solve some of the customers problems."

The airline industry is not the only sector of business which continues to use "legacy" mainframe systems; large database-reliant companies such as banks and insurance groups are also continually looking for new mainframe data access options, according to Butler. However, few industries are as reliant on real-time information access than the airlines, which makes them a particularly important group of Attachmate customers. According to Dennis Christ, VP and GM of Unisys Global Transportation: "Legacy systems have traditionally been the keystone of the airline industry because of their reliability, scalability and transaction processing capability. As the airlines migrate to the Web, access to the information residing on these robust central servers is crucial."

Attachmate claims the new software is capable of establishing two-way, real-time connections with mainframe, Unisys, TPF, ALCS, UNIX/VMS, and AS/400 enterprise host systems and the service is capable of caching, collecting, disseminating, and processing multiple transactions simultaneously from multiple sources. There is no need to do redundancy checks, which are already built into existing ALC host transactions.

Company sources report that the e-Vantage for BEA Tuxedo does not require any changes to the host applications, meaning that current applications can support both existing users as well as the new Tuxedo or WebLogic aplications.

Attachmate intends to promote and sell e-Vantage for BEA Tuxedo through pre-existing Unisys links with both developers and the airline industry. The deal signals a working partnership with BEA Tuxedo.

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