eSec opens developer source

eSec opens developer source

Online security provider eSec has announced its open-source e-commerce middleware is available to developers on its Web site. According to company sources, the middleware provides an e-commerce-oriented foundation around which software developers and integrators can build their own specialised products.

Saxon Hill, CEO of eSec, likens the middleware to car components. "A component manufacturer will make identical components for different car makers using the standards which car makers build their respective models," he said.

Company sources report that the product is software that uses standards-based protocols, services and document types to provide a platform for business integration. The midleware provides building blocks for e-commerce security systems for the transfer of sensitive information such as credit card details.

Michael Paddon, technical director at eSec, puts the decision to release the open source over the Internet down to an issue of interoperability, and the company's desire to achieve a critical mass of developers using the product. "Open source provides the opportunity for small companies like eSec to make themselves more visible; we see it as a useful conduit to global attention," Paddon commented.eSec intends to cash in on the open-source offer through a mixture of support contracts, development consulting and expanded versions of the initial licence.

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