Check Point unveils security product haul

Check Point unveils security product haul

Evolving further from its firewall heritage, security vendor Check Point has unloaded a raft of products tied together by its new concept in security, secure virtual networks (SVNs).

"This is another level up from virtual private networks (VPNs)," said Limor Bakal, vice president, international sales and marketing. "It has now become important to secure the entire network. That includes the intranet, extranet and Internet, and users, systems, the network and applications. Three years ago we were just focusing on the Internet access point but now businesses have to worry about a lot more," Bakal stressed.

To support this all-encompassing strategy Check Point has released several new products that the vendor hopes will encourage high availability and reliability in an "easily managed best-of-breed solution".

VPN-1 SecureClient and VPN-1SecureServer control access to a business's database and servers and ensure internal security by "taking security all the way down to the individual desktop so that companies can enforce security products and prevent internal abuse, one of the most common security breaches", explained Bakal.

Check Point also released the Integrated Bandwidth Management solution, claiming it increases an organisation's quality and reliability of service.

"The FloodGate allows bandwidth use to be prioritised. This functionality enables the VPN but it is often overlooked even though it is an integral component of a security solution."

Pete Sandilands, regional manager of Check Point Australia and New Zealand, reiterated this point with the comment that "throwing more bandwidth at a problem only costs more money, it doesn't solve the problem. What you need to do is control the asset."

Check Point's Reporting System outlines how a company uses its resources and suggests possible areas of improvement. "If you know where your resources are being spent you can optimise both your cost and your security," said Bakal. The software operates by generating common reports from information gathered through products such as FloodGate.

With the release of its new products and new philosophy, Check Point has also revamped how it delivers its solutions to the market. "In the past, every time we had a new product we would release a new CD. But with an SVN no one thing should operate alone so now there is only one box with one number that includes the same version of everything you need to create an SVN," Bakal said.

Check Point insists that the entire process is much more user friendly to both its customers and partners and is anticipating excellent value-add opportunities for resellers in a market characterised by total solutions and services. "More and more customers are becoming aware of security issues," said Sandilands. "And for every dollar spent on a security product, three to five dollars are spent on services. Add to this the fact that 60 to 90 per cent of our partners sell an extra product every time they sell one security product and there are a lot of opportunities there for resellers."

And those opportunities will come relatively cheaply, according to Sandilands. "Resellers don't have to invest in a whole new cycle of learning. Their knowledge on the server technology and interface of the old products is still valid on the new products," said Sandilands.

Bakal backs him up with the promise of white papers on the concept of SVNs, analyst briefings and Check Point education programs. "We even do conference calls with all our partners."

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