News briefs

News briefs

Speed is the key for MMC

MMC Networks is debuting a new architecture for its network processors. MMC's nP content switching architecture lets the company's network processors move Web-switching traffic at wire-speed, in this case, Gigabit Ethernet, and migrate processor intensive, network protocol-related software functions such as network address translation, TCP session spoofing and splicing, and HTTP redirection, to the network processor. This operation speeds processing on the network processor and offloads network-related processing tasks from the general-purpose processors. www.mmcnet.comEnhanced QoS results in better traffic flowAlcatel has bolstered the software in its Gigabit Ethernet switches to support quality of service (QoS), even as traffic passes between devices using different prioritisation schemes. An upgrade to Version 3.0 of OmniCore 5000 switch software enables the boxes to impose QoS down to individual applications and to map one service quality scheme to another. Additionally, the switches can map quality of service among standardised layer 2 and layer 3 QoS methods. www.alcatel.comWeb communication connection tightensNewcomer Atheros Communications has announced plans for technology to speed up wireless LANs and ensure that wireless devices can communicate with each other even if they support different speeds. The company, which has raised more than $US30 million in funding, is building chip sets that would fit into wireless products for enterprise networks and homes.

Check Point delivers on management

Check Point Software Technologies is shipping a new version of its Provider-1 management server. The software can manage multiple installations of Check Point firewall/VPN and traffic-management gear through a single console. Now called the Provider-1 2000, the updated Unix-based management server allows a firewall/virtual private network usage policy to be created once, and have that policy remotely implemented across the Internet on multiple Check Point FireWall-1, VPN-1 or Floodgate-1 equipment it manages. In the past, each device had to be configured separately.

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