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Fuji Xerox Completes Greening Tarpaulin Creek Projects

  • 30 September, 2004 15:37

<p>SYDNEY – 30 September, 2004 – Fuji Xerox Printers, the leading provider of quality print solutions, and Greening Australia have successfully completed the direct seeding of 5,500 native trees and shrubs along the headwaters of Tarpaulin Creek, a tributary of the Murrumbidgee River.</p>
<p>The creek, west of Canberra, runs directly below the Uriarra forestry settlement, which was severely impacted by the 18 January 2003 bushfires. After more than 150 years of clearing and unrestricted stock access – not to mention recent drought – the creek had been showing significant signs of ‘wear and tear’.</p>
<p>Fuji Xerox Printers Environment Manager, Peter Diprose said: “On both a local and a global basis, environmental responsibility is a core part of Fuji Xerox Printers business approach. We’re extremely pleased to be involved with the Tarpaulin Creek project and are continuing to work with myriad environmental groups, as well as supporting best practice initiatives within our own organisation to take a leadership role in our industry’s sustainability.”</p>
<p>Greening Australia’s prescribed seed mix – helping to heal erosion and encourage biodiversity on Tarpaulin Creek – comprises a diverse range of locally occurring native species, including Eucalypts, Acacias, understorey shrubs, forbs and grasses.</p>
<p>The direct seeding while important in its own right has the added benefit of connecting to other parts of Tarpaulin Creek recently planted by community volunteers (including staff from the Department of Environment and Heritage).</p>
<p>Greening Australia Chief Executive Officer, Carl Binning said: “We would especially like to thank Fuji Xerox for getting behind such environmental work (including the plantings near Mt. Stromlo), and for showing solidarity towards the Canberra community after the bushfires.</p>
<p>With the support of Fuji Xerox Printers, Greening Australia is helping to coordinate activity that will protect and enhance the riverine environment of Tarpaulin Creek, and assist the goodwill and determination of a committed land manager as he seeks to restore the creek to health.</p>
<p>About Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia:</p>
<p>With its Australian and New Zealand headquarters in Sydney, Fuji Xerox Printers is a world leader in printing solutions. Emerging with a new lease of life from the merger of Xerox ONP systems with Tektronix, some 4 years ago, Fuji Xerox Printers continues to build on Tektronix' 15 years of market-leading research and development combined with the Xerox know how and respected quality.</p>
<p>Fuji Xerox Printers offer a complete range of colour and black and white printers. Working through an extensive reseller channel the company offers a comprehensive range of printing solutions across the market for work-groups, departmental solutions, individuals applications and even home office use. With their award-winning speed, quality, unmatched reliability and usability, Fuji Xerox printers are setting NEW performance standards for printing solutions in three key markets: Office (including work group &amp; departmental requirements), graphic arts (from desk top to pre-press proofing) and on-demand printing.</p>
<p>For information on Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia, simply call 1300 7XEROX or visit</p>
<p>Greening Australia
Greening Australia is a solutions-driven organisation that is doing something practical about Australia’s environmental problems.
We do much more than simply plant trees.</p>
<p>Greening Australia tackles critical issues like salinity, declining water quality, soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss through an innovative blend of practical experience, science, community engagement and commitment.</p>
<p>With a network of over 300 staff in 80 locations across the continent, Greening Australia lives and works with people from remote, regional and metropolitan communities. As Australia’s premier advisers on vegetation management, Greening Australia is passionate about protecting and restoring the health, diversity and productivity of our unique landscapes.</p>
<p>Or for more information please contact:
Ms. Billy Cina
Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia
Tel: 02 9452 7016</p>
<p>Ms. Fiona Martin
Max Australia
Tel: 02 9954 3492</p>
<p>Ms. Mary-Anne Scully
Greening Australia
Tel: 02 6281 8585 or 0408 685 225</p>

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