Toshiba puts 2GB hard disk on a PC Card

Toshiba puts 2GB hard disk on a PC Card

Toshiba is claiming a breakthrough in hard-disk drive technology with the announcement of a new PC Card-based drive that boasts storage capacity of 2GB.

The card, which Toshiba says will begin shipping in commercial quantities in July, contains a 1.8-inch hard-disk drive -- the first developed by the Tokyo-based electronics giant. Measuring no more than a standard type II PC Card, the drive weighs 55 grams and, according to Toshiba, represents the world's highest capacity 1.8-inch hard-disk drive.

Toshiba envisages the card will be used not just by notebook computer owners who might be looking for extra storage space or an easy-to-use removable storage system, but also for applications such as hand-held mobile terminals and a host of digital products from video and still cameras to music players.

Samples of the device are already available on an original equipment manufacturer basis priced at $US740.

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