Utilising personal experience

Utilising personal experience

Volante ~ PEER TO PEER

ARN: What products and services does Volante offer?

Bickerstaff: We have three main product areas. The first is strategic sourcing and infrastructure services, which really is a business-to-business e-commerce solution called Customer Connect, a procurement management system for infrastructure. The second is e-business solutions, which encompass Web-based e-commerce, procurements and data exchange middleware solutions as well as high-level e-commerce security systems. The third is integration solutions and services, which cover network and infrastructure consulting, integration and implementation services, Citrix solutions, Microsoft managed services, data warehousing and storage solutions, remote management, TCO consulting and SOE management.

What are Volante's key business strengths?

Using our expertise in infrastructure, implementation services and Web-based solutions. Volante will enable Australian companies to move comfortably and completely from traditional business structures to e-business models. The core values we have are customer services, the best people and skills, and innovation. What we're doing is basically using our experience and expertise to do for our customers what we've done for ourselves. There are a lot of companies out there offering e-business enablement, but how many of them have utilised that technology to gain strategic advantage for themselves? We can point to our e-business model and show how successful that's been and how we can enable them to do the same.

What areas of technology are you keeping an eye on?

I feel that a lot of customers in the upper end of the SME market are going to be looking for remote solutions - remote networking and application provision as well. I guess from that point-of-view we're keeping a close eye on it. We're also very keen on Citrix and network computing. We've developed a centre of excellence for Citrix and we're rolling that out nationally. It's going to be a very powerful part of our business, as are Novell's e-Directory and Window's 2000.

What are your future plans?

Further acquisitions, particularly in the solutions area. We want to attract further skills and expertise in order to provide the solutions that our customers are looking for, at the pace they're looking for. We need to acquire to get the focussed skills and expertise quickly. Also we're planning continued growth in the solutions and services business and continued investment in business-to-business e-commerce.

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