News briefs

News briefs

LoveLetter virus damages mount and mountMore than a week after its initial release, the LoveLetter virus and its variants continue to haunt corporate e-mail systems and networks around the globe.

The original virus has spawned dozens of variants, with damage estimates ranging from $1 billion in the US to upwards of $US15 billion worldwide. Larry Bridwell, technology program manager at, a group that certifies security products and practices, said LoveLetter is the most damaging virus strain to date. It caused an estimated $750 million damage in the first five hours alone, according to

The numbers will continue to grow as companies cleanse the virus from deep inside their file networks. One of LoveLetter's nastier side effects is that it replaced certain types of files with copies of itself, allowing a computer to be reinfected if a user opened what he thought was an innocuous music or image file.

Bridwell put question marks over the levels of corporate security, highlighted by such an outbreak. The code was nothing more than a modified version of the Melissa virus. Still, it slipped past antivirus detectors without a second glance, he said.

SAN vendors merge

Storage networking vendor QLogic has snapped up fibre channel switch concern Ancor Communications in what represents a continued consolidation of the storage area network (SAN) market.

The $US1.7 billion stock swap brings together two companies with complementary products and common partners. QLogic manufactures fibre channel host bus adapters and components; Ancor markets fibre channel switches. Both have agreements with Sun and Hitachi Data Systems to resell their SAN products.

Ancor makes the SANbox full-fabric switch, which comes in sizes ranging from 8 to 128 ports. The 8-port edge switch is the company's smallest and fits into fabric as well as Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop environments. The 64/128-port Director is Ancor's fully fault-tolerant switch with redundant power supplies and controllers. The company also manufactures SANsurfer, a browser-based management tool, which monitors each of its fibre channel products.

QLogic manufactures PCI to fibre channel and PCI to SCSI adapters for connecting servers to SAN equipment. The company also makes the QLogic Management Suite, which provides remote configuration and management, load balancing and partitioning or masking when implemented with fibre channel host bus

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