SCSI pushes high-margin data solutions through channel

SCSI pushes high-margin data solutions through channel

Data capture, storage and management may seem a little dull to the average Joe, but distributor SCSI is transforming the market with the launch of a high-margin reseller program for IMR's new range of Alchemy database management products.

Designed to inject some officialdom into a process that has been around since SCSI first started to distribute Alchemy products in Australia in 1995, the Alchemy reseller certification program is open to any reseller who wants to sell the data products.

All it requires, according to Kristy Swift, marketing manager at SCSI, is "one day of training where SCSI shows resellers the technical aspect of Alchemy products and then teaches them how to sell it. You can be selling stuff the very next day."

Swift said that VARs and "smaller resellers focused on providing complete services and who are in touch with particular target markets" are the most appropriate for positions as Alchemy resellers.

Ongoing sales

She was quick to assure potential resellers that SCSI does not simply have a box-moving agenda.

"We provide resellers with a discount on all the software. They are looking at 20 to 30 per cent margins in selling the software, then on top of that they can provide ongoing sales and consultancy services to the end user."

Swift characterised this program as unique in its total solutions approach to data solutions. "SCSI covers a range of products from networked attached storage to scanners, CD burners, back-end solutions and high-end storage products. Resellers can offer all these as add-ons to their customers," claimed Swift.

SCSI also provides demonstration software to the reseller which, according to Swift, cuts down the sales cycle and makes the purchasing arrangements easier.

"The NFR Alchemy kit is sold to the reseller at a minimal price. They can then use it themselves and use it to demonstrate Alchemy to customers. This means a lot of benefits for very little investment for the reseller."

Alchemy is easy to understand and sell anyway, according to Dan Lucarini, vice president of product management for IRM.

"Alchemy archives data and can keep it online for a long time. It can not only enable you to look at computer data but also at scanned documents.

"It is easy to install and is an alternative to having to replace legacy systems with middleware," claimed Lucarini.

The major attraction, according to Lucarini, is Alchemy's ability to combine disparate forms of data to enable not only easier access but faster response times to demands for information.

"Not only does this provide customer satisfaction," explained Lucarini, "but it cuts costs by replacing expensive paper warehouse storage with inexpensive CDs.

"A company can cost-justify the Alchemy system through this alone."

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