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Singapore Likes The Look Of Australians Iris Technology

  • 01 October, 2004 12:24

<p>In a nation in which employers can be heavily penalized for failing to ensure that their workers are not illegal immigrants, Australian iris-recognition technology is about to take on a major role in ensure employees are who they claim to be.</p>
<p>Award-winning Australian identity management Argus Solutions has announced its first major deal with Singapore’s Identity Solutions to export Australian iris-recognition technology.</p>
<p>“Singapore places a heavy responsibility on employers to ensure that the person working for you is properly registered. As a nation, they face major problems with illegal workers being attracted by the opportunity for much higher paying jobs than in some surrounding, less affluent countries,” said identify expert and Chief Executive Officer of Argus Solutions, Bruce Lyman.</p>
<p>“The problems are particularly prevalent in the construction industry and at industrial facilities where there is a heavy demand for blue-collar workers. Iris-recognition technology comes into its own here because you don’t need to carry identity cards that can be lost, destroyed or demagnetized. Unlike fingerprints, iris recognition is not affected by having dirty hands or worn fingerprints through heavy manual labour.”</p>
<p>“Iris technology is completely non-intrusive, takes only a second and is the most foolproof access control system available. It is becoming the first choice of operators of any secure facility.”</p>
<p>Iris technology has been shown to be the most effective security method against identity fraud. It is the most accurate form of identification known to man and is more accurate and importantly less invasive than DNA matching. Every iris is completely unique due to the chaotic morphogenesis process that is completed by the time a child reaches their first birthday so the probability of two irises being identical is minute: 1 in 10 to the power of 78.</p>
<p>Argus’s first major order from this export deal with Identity Solutions Singapore is worth over $US200,000. This is seen as a strong next step into this potential lucrative market. Argus has enjoyed other export success to Singapore over the last few years including a Border Control project installed in 2001.</p>
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