MS4 outsmarts the Bug: Irish-Australian joint venture moves Y2K deadline 28 years forward

MS4 outsmarts the Bug: Irish-Australian joint venture moves Y2K deadline 28 years forward

Irish software engineering company Millennium Solutions is set to revolutionise the process of achieving Y2K compliance for IBM AS/400 users in Australia following the introduction of its MS4 software to the local market.

According to Stephen O'Sullivan, Millennium Solution's relationship manager for Asia-Pacific, MS4 is a completely innovative and unique approach to the threat of Y2K that in practical terms translates into low costs and speedy installation. "MS4 has an approximate installation time of three weeks, as it is non-intrusive and doesn't enter the window and change any code. Instead it encapsulates a system as a whole and then backdates it," O'Sullivan claims, explaining that "any data input or output happens in real time. But when the computer does any internal calculations it just subtracts 28 years."

To oversee the development of this initiative, Millennium Solutions and Australian-based Open Systems Management (OSM) have established a joint venture entitled MS400 (Asia-Pacific). It will rely on existing IBM AS/400 channels to present, distribute and sell the MS4. "We designed this product for Waterford Crystal in 1996 and now have 600 clients worldwide," added O'Sullivan, who is expecting to "work directly with IBM resellers and business partners to give the company permanent presence and support in Australia".

According to Ross McLean, Asia-Pacific managing director for MS400, value-added resellers will be certified through a training process that includes seminars and technical support such as a 24 x 7 help desk.

Stipulating that MS4 will be targeted at "blue chip companies in the IBM AS/400 marketplace, McLean said MS4 will offer interim solutions and "breathing space" for businesses which have yet to consider compliance or contingency plans. "MS4 will take away the pain of deadlines. It backdates the system 28 years, thus giving a company plenty of time to rethink its strategies."

MS400 (Asia-Pacific)

Tel (02) 9931 7800

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