Oracle takes on Turbo power

Oracle takes on Turbo power

Linux has been underrated as a scalable enterprise-level operating system, argues Oracle executive Brett Hannath.

After ecommerce-enabling database software giant Oracle announced this week it had taken a minority shareholding in TurboLinux, Hannath, who is Oracle's regional marketing manager for internet platforms, said his company was convinced of Linux's ability to drive both large-scale enterprise systems as well as "clusters of two or three PCs".

Hannath cited recent Oracle investments in Linuxes Red Hat and Caldera, as well as the latest arrangement with TurboLinux, as examples of Oracle's faith in Linux as an enterprise-level operating system. In fact, he said Oracle would continue to seek partnerships with other Linuxes, and expected to announce further investments in the next "three to six months".

The agreement calls for TurboLinux to tune its version of Linux so that it runs the Oracle8i database optimally, particularly for ecommerce and/or mission-critical applications.

Hannath said Oracle was particularly attracted to TurboLinux due to its strong foothold in the Asian enterprise market. TurboLinux currently holds offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo.

Officials from both Oracle and TurboLinux believe TurboLinux Server will offer competitive performance for a variety of enterprise-level database tasks, including those involving large memory support of as much as 4GB for Intel's IA-32 systems.

The companies also announced they will work in concert with Huadi, China's largest systems integrator, to piece together integrated solutions for both government and corporate users.

The dollar value of Oracle's investment in TurboLinux was not revealed.

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